Reflections for Health Care Workers

Published On: Dec 29, 2020
Our Care for Health Care series is a seven-part series of meditative reflections to help care for those who give selflessly to others. Click each ‘week’ to explore the meditative reflection.
We begin reflections from Karla Sonnichsen, Registered Nurse and Continuing Care Coordinator, on peace and power.
Psychiatrist Sarah Eagger shares the way she keeps herself ‘able to respond’ even with difficult situations.
Denise Johnston, an Occupational Therapist, shares ways to support oneself and others on the team.
Nurse Practitioner Lynn Miller explores Valuing Self and Others.
Tim Shulz speaks about his experience as a caregiver at home and being appreciative in that situation.
Dr. Raksha Balbadhur, Palliative Medicine Specialist speaks about how she learned to recharge and replenish herself.
David McGinley, cancer care spiritual advisor, on the topic of courage and confidence

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