Amazing but true

All our courses, workshops, talks & events, are offered free of charge, not just in Brahma Kumaris Halifax but in all our centres both across the Canada & Worldwide.

We are a Registered Charity status No. 859319139 RR0001 with Canada Revenue Agency and never charge for any of our events so that what we offer is available to all.

All the team who work and present at Brahma Kumaris Halifax give their time and talents freely. We aim to nurture the very best in ourselves so that we can naturally enjoy sharing something of value with others.

How do we fund ourselves?

Although all work is carried out voluntarily by practising meditators, we are able to continue our work because of the contributions made by those who have taken benefit and want others to receive the same.

There are no membership fees. If you wish to contribute, you are most welcome to use any of the following donation options:
1. There is a donation box in the Brahma Kumaris Halifax meditation centre which you can contribute either in Cash or Cheque having name “Brahma Kumaris Halifax”. Please include your name and address and we can provide a tax receipt.

2. You can also transfer funds electronically to