Long Lake Treasure Hunt #3 (A Gathering)

Published On: Aug 29, 2021

Welcome to Finding Peace – a Peace Halifax Treasure Hunt! Being in nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with our inner peace and this treasure hunt is a great way to be outdoors for a walk or an adventure. A great family activity. Here is your first clue!

N 44 37.470

W 63 37.590

163 S


A gathering of boulders

A consensus of stone

Inside a fortress of peace

I am at home




































1.31 km from Dunbrack Parking lot

Enter path near container at end of parking lot

Turn right onto trail away from parking lot

Continue straight around Withrod Lake

Don’t turn left and veer off the path of peace

After passing many benches and many boulders you will see a bench in front of you on the path (see picture)

There is a gathering of boulders on the right side of the path

Turn right and climb to the boulders

Use another hint…





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