Free Yoga all day at Peace Halifax

We are honoured to have five wonderful yoga instructors joining us at Peace Halifax on Saturday, September 23rd. Every hour, starting at 10:30am, a yoga class will be offered and is open to all, regardless of your yoga experience.

10:30 am – GENTLE HATHA YOGA with Sylvie Cormier

During our yoga session we will take time together to breathe in the now. To connect with ourselves for we are, all unique and complete just the way we are. Learn some breathing, warm-ups, postures and relaxation. Join in and you will most likely remember how it feels like to feel relaxed and breathing in the now.

SylvieSylvie Cormier is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, ”Kripalu inspired” from Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Since July 2015. She came to the practice of yoga in 2009 for the first time, wanting to take some time to do something for herself. But then in 2011, she realized that it was helping her to deal with stress and anxiety. In 2012, she began a daily home practice early in the morning while her two young sons were still in bed, and with time, she began to notice the effects of yoga that extended beyond her mat. Her yoga practice is a time when she turns inward, tunes out the distractions of a busy life and then returns with mindful breath, strength, and increased mental clarity.

She is curious by nature, and given to helping others. Dedicated and passionate, she now offers classes to beginners, to participants who have been practicing yoga for a few years as well as offering yoga classes for mommy and baby.

Being part of Sylvie’s yoga classes provides you the opportunity to realize that yoga is personal; you will develop and grow at your body’s own pace.

But, first and foremost, it is mostly to work on yourself, with your own heart, swept away by the positive energy, both strong and soft, that she brings into her lessons.

You can find Sylvie on Facebook or on her website.

11:30 am – FAMILY YOGA – Julie Coleman

During our family yoga session we will take time together to connect with our hearts, bodies, minds and spirit. Join us as we share in playful yoga storytelling, breath awareness, song, individual and partner/group poses, creativity and stillness.


Julie Coleman (RYT, RCYT), connects to her yoga practice from a place of love, wonder, and pure joy that emanates through her teaching of alignment-based, heart-centered Hatha Yoga. She has been weaving the many practices of natural healing, and wellness for almost two decades, and is committed to creating a space for self-discovery, where others feel inspired and empowered. Julie celebrates her passion of teaching yoga to children and families as a means to create greater connection, joy and peace within.

She is known as a dedicated yogi with a gentle, kind and peaceful presence committed to inspiring children through compassionate communication, growth, and self-care. Julie co-facilitates a 95 hour children’s yoga teacher training with Grow A Lotus Yoga, where she thrives on bringing the spirit of play and living from the heart to life.

You can find Julie on Facebook or at Grow a Lotus.


During our yoga session we will take time together to flow with an ease, depth and grace that is easily available – yet not ordinarily attained. This experienced is self-led, in a group, and is accessible to yoga practitioners with some experience.

jodyJody Myers is a pioneer and senior yoga teacher from Halifax with over 35 years of experience in facilitating yoga classes, workshops and yoga programs on many levels.

Jody has experience in a variety of yoga traditions but considers the Kripalu meditation-in-motion approach, her home base.  She is certified at the 500 hour level several times as well as being a certified Yoga Teacher Mentor and a certified Yoga Dance instructor.  She has a focus on yoga as a Path of Love and to living yoga on and off the mat.

Jody is a published author and continues to write, while pursuing her interests in teaching, personal practice, yoga dance, sports, storytelling, music and visual artwork.

Jody founded Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT), the first registered YTT training program in Atlantic Canada, entering its 17th year this September.  With a skilled staff, AYTT continues to annually certify yoga teachers.  Jody continues to offer yoga programs and workshops.

You can find Jody on Facebook.

1:30 pm – RESTORATIVE  YOGA – Jennifer Bell-Harding

During our yoga session we will intend to find stillness and peace in long held supported postures, accompanied by long exhalations.  Props to support the postures will be provided for 10 students.

JenniferJennifer Bell-Harding is a certified Yoga Instructor based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating from the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre in Ottawa, Ontario in 2004, she returned to Rama Lotus to receive her certification in Kundalini Yoga, in 2005.  In 2013 she was certified as a Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher, after completing 300 more hours of training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Mass, USA.

She founded “Yoga in Russell” based in Russell Ontario in 2004 and had a thriving Yoga practice before returning to Halifax in 2014.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Mount Allison University.  In 1985, while studying Theology at Mount A, Jennifer first experienced the benefits of yoga at a Transcendental Meditation retreat.  She has been devoted to her daily meditation practice for more than 30 years.

Practicing yoga since 1987, she continues her education attending retreats and conferences; exploring Thai Yoga Massage, laughter, and chanting; implementing Ayurveda practices, and loves studying the sutras and sacred texts.

Jennifer has learned to adapt the traditional teachings for Prenatal, Baby and Mom, Restorative, and Chair yoga students.  During the summer she loves to share her practice in the park or on the beach.

Jennifer currently teaches at the Halifax Community Centre at Chocolate Lake, where she also practices with her beloved teacher who introduced her to Kripalu Yoga in 1987. She was delighted to discover the heart-centered Kripalu approach at the Fall River Yoga Center, where she also practices and teaches as well.

Seva has been a lifelong calling for Jennifer. She volunteered for many organizations but she finally realized her dream of volunteering to teach Yoga at Bryony House. You can find Jennifer on Facebook.

2:30 pm – CHAIR YOGA – Pat Hipgrave

Chair Yoga is a gentle Hatha Style yoga practiced either sitting in a chair or using the chair for support. Ideal for those who are unable to do traditional yoga poses due to injuries, aging or difficulty getting up and down from the floor. It deepens flexibility and strengthens body awareness. We practice traditional yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation.

PatPat has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years.  When she retired six years ago she enrolled in yoga teacher training and not long after that she decided to take chair yoga teacher training as well.

With so many active seniors in our community not able to do traditional yoga she saw an opportunity to help them become more flexible and strong.  Although Chair Yoga is her passion, she also have taught several types/styles of yoga, including Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa, and Restorative and Back Care yoga.

Workshops she’s completed include: Yin Yoga, Law of Attraction, Healing From Within, and three different Yoga Therapy Workshops with Dr. Doug Keller.

She has enjoyed many yoga retreats where the focus was on yoga massage, meditation and Ayurveda.  Her most recent yoga experience was a month long stay in India learning the Eastern Yoga style and pranayama.



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